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How To Safely Walk Your Dog At Night

Posted by Francesco Iantorno on

STOP! Chances are if you are reading this article, then you walk your dog at night, or want to, but are afraid of (Godforbid) you or your dog getting hit by a car!



Thats a pretty cool collar right? Well here's the problem with walking your dog at night. First off, cars can barely see you at all. This puts you and your dog at risk of being hit. Secondly you can't see your dog. So if they get loose and run off, theirs no way you will be able to find them in the darkness.

Luckily I have a solution for you. These really cool LED Leopard Dog Collars are available and they really help solve both of those problems. 

You will stick out so cars have a better chance of seeing you, and if you lose your dog/s, you have a MUCH better chance of finding them!

Check Out the Collars Here:

Not only will you be safer walking your dog, your dog will look a lot more stylish too. :)

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